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Temperatures are still dwindling below freezing on some days and, especially for those of us with early classes, we’re still bundling up in layer upon layer upon layer. You’re already tired in the cold mornings, so there’s no reason you should be tired of what you’re wearing. Instead of overusing that one down parka or that one peacoat, why not try another type of coat? This Fashionista stands out in a fabulous shearling coat that is chic but, most importantly, very warm.

Shearling is just as cozy as an all around fur coat and is well suited for those of us who want to exhibit a more subdued look. Typically tan or black, this Fashionista’s shearling coat is unique in a muted brown with gray fur. She pairs it with black skinny pants and an oversized black scarf, creating a blank slate that allows the shearling to take center stage. Added black leather accessories like her leather oxford shoes and quilted leather purse are cohesive finishing touches.

Adding a shearling coat to your wardrobe is worth the investment. They are always in style when winter rolls around and will undeniably keep you warm, even when temperatures are in the single digits. Burberry is a classic when it comes to coats whether in tan or black. Or make like this Fashionista and opt for one in brown, another versatile option. Regardless of color, a shearling coat will always be chic and will always keep you cozy.


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