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If syllabus week has ended, and you still have it in you to roll out of bed in the morning and put together an outfit fit for good second impressions (one made from things not strewn on your floor), the skater skirt could be a staple. Don’t be fooled— these aren’t just made for the night scene. In fact, they do just as well in the daylight.

Although most things in life aren’t black and white, many items in this Fashionista’s closet are. Though bright colors may not be on her agenda, bold patterns certainly are. For starters, she began with a polka-dot skater skirt that gave her day of classes some flare. It didn’t take long for this Fashionista to realize that bare legs were not an option on a February day in upstate New York, so black tights were a must. Feeling especially daring (perhaps there was an extra shot of espresso in her morning coffee), she picked her next favorite pattern with a blue (and white striped) collar, to contrast the pattern of her skirt. On top of her first layers went a black sweater to tie together two opposing patterns, in agreement with her tights. Black buckled boots held down her look and gave her toes a chance of surviving the snow, with metal accents to provide a rocker-chic feel. Since third time’s the charm, on top of it all went a green parka, which when unzipped revealed a classic red plaid. Enhancing this Fashionista’s school-girl of the modern-day style was an embellished headband in a shiny hue.

Next time you’re feeling adventurous, put down the skateboard and pick up a patterned skater skirt. Choose another pattern or two (gasp), and tie them all together with a sweater in a neutral tone, followed by relief. If you want to combine sweet with spicy, or edgy with preppy, hold back your hair with an accessory like this beaded headband and you’ll be ready to hit the books.


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