Style Advice of the Week

One of my favorite things about studying abroad is seeing how people’s everyday outfits have become more sophisticated or have reached new fashion trends.  This particular Fashionista has really come into her own during the study abroad experience. I fell in love with her simplistic choices, in particular her striped shirt. Although I am personally obsessed with all things stripes, many designers are on this trend as well. For instance, Oscar De La Renta and Michael Kors runway shows integrated many stripes into their runway shows. This trend can easily be accomplished in your closet with many different forms. For instance there are different accessories such as scarves and jewelry that opt for this theme as well.

This Fashionista’s level of sophistication is illustrated through her bootie heels. Before coming abroad, the concept of wearing little heels for everyday wear seemed a little odd or overdone. Certainly I was wrong. When asking this Fashionista wear she purchased the shoes, it was at a random boutique in Barcelona—So Euro! Her side bag is a must for anyone who wants to study abroad. This neutral purse makes it easy to match many different outfits and is perfect when walking around the city where you can still be aware of people who may want to pick pocket. Her cable neck sweater with elbow patches also gives this sophisticated look a more casual feel. In my opinion, this Fashionista is a prime example to see how we can reach supreme sophistication with even the most comfortable and casual fashion items.


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