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I remember how as a kid, on warmer days, kids would tie outerwear around their waists. That quickly became old and “uncool” and I likened it to the use of a fanny pack, an unsightly fashion faux-pas at the time (it has obviously come back since). But with the return of the fanny pack, came the return of wrapping outerwear around the waist. This trend has become a personal favorite, especially when used with plaid, flannel shirts.

The ability to layer successfully is crucial, especially in the spring when the temperature varies daily. This Fashionisto chose a flannel that can be removed and easily wrapped around the waist for a look that is forward as well as functional.

The focus here is on the classic red plaid flannel that is matched with bright red Buscemi sneakers with gold accents. The two pieces go together flawlessly despite their obvious difference in style. The plaid flannel is a classic item that gives the wearer a laid back, casual vibe. On the contrary, the luxe, red leather sneakers dress the look up adding an element of luxury and class.

The Fashionisto’s basic white top and black pants combination  is anything but basic with the cool T-shirt. It’s styled with a white on white graphic and athletic inspired. Sunglasses are a crucial accessory on sunny days and with necklaces, can easily be removed and strung onto one when you’re safely in the shade.

Master this casual look with the perfect red flannel that can be wrapped around the waist, over black pants. Pair with a pair of red leather sneakers, like these Fashionisto’s luxe Italian Buscemi’s (if you can manage to get your hands on a pair)! Add an all white T-shirt, necklaces and some simple sunglasses and you are perfectly layered for the season.


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