STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Seasonal Shoe Switch-Up

Style Advice of the Week

It’s that time here at Denison when snow turns to slush, black ice lies dangerously hidden and the sidewalks are buried in puddles. The big question is what shoes to wear. Fashionista/os want shoes that give the pragmatic purpose of covering and protecting those feet, but they also want shoes that are chic. During this in-between season of snow, slush and water, Fashionista/os don’t want to rely on snow boots and don’t want to be stuck with rain boots. So what other boot will allow one to preserve style through this bipolar, precarious weather?

The ankle boot, of course, will do the job! Look at this Fashionista, for example. She chose a great seasonal shoe switch up. This Fashionista opted for sleek leather brown ankle boots. Leather has been around for centuries, and has been one of the most practical choices for shoes. Leather is extremely durable, resilient and classic. Unlike suede, leather will not be destroyed by the salt that is working to destroy that black ice and uncover the snowy sidewalks. Leather is a tad bit warmer than a rubber rain boot would be. However, leather is not always the best choice when it comes to sustainability or looking at it from an ethical standpoint.

If you’re not too keen on wearing leather due to ethical concerns, try a faux leather ankle boot. Whatever textile you may choose, an ankle boot offers a break from those high rain boots or sad snow boots. Wearing an ankle boot will free you from the constraints of the season and give you a look you can wear during all seasons.



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