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I am currently a senior, and I remember all too well those free shirts we received at orientation and throughout the first week of school. I would wear them to bed or right after I got out of the shower. I never thought I could incorporate them into my outfit and look stylish like this Fashionisto. His shirt is very bright and stands out from the rest of his outfit, so he toned it down with earth-toned pieces.

He wore a black cardigan and a big, cozy plaid vest over his Rutgers shirt. This is the perfect example of layering in the fall. Because he wore a light cardigan over his shirt and a vest over that, he doesn’t look bulky. The warm colors in his vest match perfectly with his suede shoes and ties the outfit together. For bottoms, try wearing a straight or skinny pair of jeans. They give a nice silhouette and every Fashionisto/a should wear jeans that are fitted. No one looks good in baggy, ill-fitting jeans. Not even the highest paid supermodel. They also cut off at the ankle. Therefore, they won’t get in the way of your shoes.

If you are inspired to incorporate more of your school’s apparel into your wardrobe, go to your school’s shop or apparel store. At Rutgers, we have at least three stores that are dedicated to selling clothes and accessories to students and alumni. Nowadays, you can find apparel that follow today’s trends, such as V-necks, fitted sweaters and sweatshirts and fitted gym shorts and shirts. Victoria’s Secret also has an exclusive PINK Collegiate Collection that has clothes for schools across the country. Some schools include Penn State, University of Texas and USC.

When you graduate from college, you will want to show off your school pride and alumni status, so don’t be afraid of this trend. It’s never too early to show off your school spirit.


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