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We have just passed our first week of spring, and here in Syracuse not too many flowers are blooming. Snow is still falling and that means it still isn’t a good time to put away all  your winter gear, that us students at Syracuse are so thankful for.

Scarves themselves play a huge part in the fashion world. I consider this accessory a staple item in my wardrobe. I favor winter scarves especially, they provide you with the warmth and comfort you want in the winter. Whether it be an infinity scarf or a lighter cotton scarf, this accessory has the ability to finish off your outfit of choice. This item is essential during these windy days to help us stay warm. I caught this Fashionista on campus wearing a blue patterned scarf, a nice (lighter) coat and a pair of basic jeans and combat boots.

What I liked the most about this outfit was the color of the outfit. The light colors keep it simple. It’s time to turn away from the dark colors. Although it isn’t neon, we still get that illusion of a brighter tone. Sometimes simpler outfits are always the best. Daring outfits are great too, but sadly 8 AM classes aren’t always the easiest to get up for and actually getting ready is sometimes out of the question. So next time you are debating what to wear, keep the idea of adding the scarf to your outfit in the back of you head.

The color scheme of spring is definitely important. Lighter colors in your wardrobe give you the opportunity to match the mood of spring. Consider yourself one of the flowers of spring  and allow your wardrobe to bloom with the changing of the seasons.


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