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Fashionistas live for compliments. We all get dressed in the morning striving to impress. We try to stand out, make a statement and most importantly we want to present ourselves in the best possible light. Every Fashionista knows it’s a good day when you get bombarded with compliments as you walk across campus. While any positive comment is received with gratitude, one of the highest compliments a girl can get is that her style is classy.

This ensemble is the epitome of classy. She looks like a modern day Audrey Hepburn with her combination of classic apparel and accessory items. She’s sporting an outfit that will never go out of style! This Fashionista chose to go back to the basics by donning the one piece of clothing that never lets a girl down: the little black dress. She continues her Coco Chanel inspired look by pairing her LBD with a tasteful pearl statement necklace.

Instead of sticking to the traditional single strand of pearls, she chose to add a little sass to her class by choosing a chunky alternative to the conventional accessory. Her sophistication and touch of personal style doesn’t stop there—she adds a bit of personalization to her look by choosing to accessorize with her trendy yet timeless monogrammed envelope clutch. She chose to dress down this lavish look by topping it off with a pair of essential riding boots. The printed tights bring a sense of femininity and confidence to this refined, powerful ensemble.

With this show-stopping look, this Fashionista proves that class isn’t just something you attend. Although we are taught not to judge a book by its cover, how we dress plays a large role in first impressions. Next time you’re nervous about starting off on the right foot, take a page from this classy lady’s style book!


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