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Surprise, surprise! While cut-outs and slits may have once been viewed as nothing more than wardrobe malfunctions, they are now one of today’s up-and-coming trends. Endorsed by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Freida Pinto and Lupita Nyong’o, the trend has been seen making headlines on and off the red carpet. Some people may wonder why cut-outs are even a trend. Are they not just slits in a perfectly average outfit? This week’s STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK begs to differ! An updated version of the seductive off the shoulder trend, cut-outs provide a merely tasteful glimpse of skin, leaving more to the imagination than the former.

Different types of cut-outs create different looks depending on where they are. Rounded cut-outs on the shoulders look much more deliberate and feminine, while a straight-cut slit like this adds a stylish and sophisticated edge to your ensemble.

For Fashionistas who want to carry off cut-outs in a more formal setting without prompting questions from your boss as to whether you need a needle and some thread, blouses with cut-outs on the neck are the perfect solution. Not only do these slits draw attention to the respective parts of the body, they also elongate and create a slimming effect wherever they are (cut-outs are definitely the new black, guys!).

It comes as no surprise that celebrities tend to favor more provocative slits on more daring locations such as the waistline, back and across the belly. However, if you feel like cut-outs at the hips or anything lower is much too brazen for you, then do as this Fashionista does — experiment with your shoulders and neckline instead!

The cut-out trend is a surefire way of showing some skin without looking like you’re trying too hard. While the list of exceptions is far and wide, the key here, as always, is “less is more.” Unless we’re talking Chanel handbags, then in that case, more is always more.


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