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T-shirts. Hoodies. Sweatpants. Faded jeans. Tank tops. Your favourites, all along. Your whole life revolves around them. Though wonderful in every aspect, they tend to impose restrictions, encapsulating one to a certain kind of comfort zone. So this time, why not redefine the boundaries? Why not, for better or for worse, at least try something different?

You could be inspired by your own culture. You could look into some other culture for inspiration. Or you could blend them in with your wardrobe staples for a unique look. A purely traditional piece, like a Pura Toga, a Kanjeevaram Saree or a Barong Tagalog can definitely be adapted for a gorgeously novel statement. If the biggest designers in town can be influenced by these magnificently cultural attires, then so can you! The possibilities are endless.

The Fashionista who made me think on these lines was sporting a traditional Indian Patiala Suit. Her culture makes her proud, she says. The main element of her look is the Patiala salwar, the pants which flare in the middle and fit at the bottom. The fall of the pleats is such that it gives a beautiful draping effect and makes it very comfortable to be worn in summers. A form-fitting kurti in a neutral colour adds structure and balance to an otherwise formless garment.

The dupatta has a strong traditional look, giving a very vibrant dimension, though it may even be skipped for a casual day out. A bindi can be used to accentuate the look even further. A bunch of stacked bangles lends more relevance to the garment in terms of current trends. Copper and white bangles, or the ones with hints of bright colours, are the go-to with this dress. Add colour co-ordinated jhumkas and studded mojaris, and you are ready to take on the world, the Indian way!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? ”Little details make a look fabulous. Like the graceful jhumkas, or the payal which, by the way, cannot even be seen. And be open to a variety of cultures.”


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