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Occasionally I find myself looking for the ideal yet non-normative outerwear piece within my wardrobe. A piece that will elevate my ensemble while presenting a laid back feel that doesn’t include my usual blazer variety or is reminiscent of my middle school jacket days.  Not until I observed this Fashionista did I realize I the ideal piece I’ve been seeking isn’t even hanging in my closet.

Recently there’s been a resurgence of flannels in the fashion world. This plaid-like piece is now mostly sported as accessories tied around the waist, but were previously layered over a simple T-shirt or buttoned to the collar subsequent to their lumberjack days. But however you prefer to don this piece, it’s versatile enough to fit all of your fashion needs and an ambivalent classic staple; hence why you should definitely use your currently neglected option, obtain one if you’re lacking or gain style inspiration from this feature.

Today’s Fashionista used light layers to tolerate the chilly winds coupled with beautiful spring weather. Comprised of a tank top, flannel and jeans, this three-piece look is effortlessly chill. To add to its list of varied uses, a flannel is essentially a great layering piece. Underneath a cotton tank top, it not only provides additional warmth while amalgamating seamlessly with the color scheme but helps augment dimension in her ensemble. Cuffed denim and brown leather boots finish the ensemble.

How I’ve gone so long without a flannel I will never understand, but I’m glad this Fashionista (and her awesome flannel) entered my life. Whether oversized, in a men’s variety or pastel colors, a flannel is functional, cozy and withstood many decades while continuously evolving, which makes this piece the perfect addition to your wardrobe.


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