STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Relish in the Embellished

Style Advice of the Week

Perception is an interesting concept. Each and every person has a unique perception; no two people view anything in exactly the same way. When it comes to perception, however, there are two very general methods of observation — one is to take in the big picture and the other is to focus on the details. Both are equally important and, depending on the situation, can be viewed at different levels. We live in a very visually driven world and because of this ocular obsession I have found that, in fashion, detail has never been more important.

Of course, the overall look is often the goal of putting together a carefully constructed ensemble, but it is vital that details are not overlooked. In the world of styling, details can make or break an outfit. A whole cannot exist without its parts. Basics are necessary, but spicing up a basic piece with interesting embellishments can add style and personality. It is no secret that I spend a lot of time (some may say too much) browsing store after store sifting through racks of clothes, gently stroking bags and satchels and gazing longingly at jewelry and accessories. As a budgeted college student with unrealistic desires and a tendency to turn to retail therapy, I often fantasize about an unlimited bank account and vast walk in closets (I know you do it too, no judgment here).

The reason I am disclosing my restrained shopping addiction — limited more out of financial necessity than self-control — is that by observing the many options that exist, I look for details to separate the “must-haves” from the “don’t you already own seven of those?” purchases. The details are what make a piece special. Embellishments add an element of uniqueness — a touch of sequins or hardware can take something as simple as a sweatshirt from frumpy to fashion-forward. Embellishments are fun, interesting and exciting; they can be feminine, funky, edgy and all of the above. If you tend to shy away from anything too bold, look for some delicate beading or if you are like me and love to make a statement, rock some sequins.

I love the way this Fashionista worked with neutrals, but added interest to her outfit (and kept warm) with her embellished knit headwrap. Upon closer observation one can distinguish the cool gold embellishments as little leopard heads. Anyone who knows me knows I have quite the affinity for jungle cats, so naturally I am obsessed. Embellishments are anything you want them to be cute, classy or cool. Next time you go shopping and are looking for something that stands out try pulling out a studded sweater or an embroidered jacket. The big picture begins with the details.


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