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With the onset of the conclusion of spring semester upon us, a few things rest on student’s mind: relaxation. Some relish the idea of binge watching Netflix in their bed while others will enjoy endless summer heat by the pool. Whatever your quintessential opinion on reveling a completed semester, all can agree that today’s feature is the epitome of composed style.

Many female students love jeans, running shorts or leggings, but I’ll forever appreciate and don a relaxed fit trouser. Breathable due to its lightweight material and most importantly spacious, these pants are the epitome of appearing chic without much effort—my ultimate fashion objective. Appearing well dressed is really all too simple. Take today’s feature for example: with the use of three basic items, her look is unperturbed yet appealing. In our school colors, maroon and gold, this Fashionista’s trousers feature a patterned design allowing for a more dressy appeal. An oversized T-shirt is tied at her waist, which adds to the comfort level of the ensemble. For outerwear, a soft cream cardigan resides over the foundation of her look. Additionally, black boots and a petite black backpack complete this week’s look.

I understand this semester has been extremely packed between classes, meetings, work and studying! You can almost taste the sweet success of completing another term amongst the struggle of studying for your finals. Regardless of the never-ending stress, don’t let your style suffer because you’re brain dead from reviewing effects of post-colonialism in the new world. Take notes from today’s Fashionista and develop relaxed ensembles that will help put your weary, educated mind to rest.


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