STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Red, White And Blue Collar

Style Advice of the Week

Without looking, if someone were to describe to you an outfit seen in passing as a sweater, T-shirt and jeans, you probably wouldn’t bother to look up from your iPhone. However, this Fashionisto caught my eye when he put together a bunch of basic items and proved that the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts.

Knit cardigans are no longer just a gift from grandma or the uniform for a family Christmas card. This Fashionisto’s entire look is based off of his navy and white, top heavy patterned sweater, and it looks nothing less than stylish. Suede shoes, although not blue, set him a tier above the rest of the student body, who don sneakers and snow boots from November to March. A T-shirt isn’t just a T-shirt here. A basic at first glance, this top reiterates that we must not judge a person (or a shirt) from a first impression. Upon further inspection, it can stand on its own two arms. A striped pattern on the breast pocket complements the striped pattern on the above sweater, thus everything is moving in the right direction. If you want to step up your basics and attempt this Fashionisto’s style,you can start by finding a T-shirt with a graphic pocket, as it is sure to be a conversation starter.

Subtle hints of red, white and blue are a theme throughout this ensemble. The three colors begin in the stripes of the T-shirt’s pocket and reoccur as we move up the arm. Whoever said bracelets are just for girls hasn’t seen a bracelet worn well on a man. This masculine, handmade item with a story and culture behind it contrasts perfectly with the cool hues in the rest of his outfit. It complements the warmth of his watch’s leather band, as well as his tortoiseshell glasses and tan suede shoes. The warm/cool interaction results in anything but room-temperature fashion.

Let’s face it, whether it’s bright or shady outside, sunglasses are the perfect way to top off your outfit or hide a pair of sleep-deprived eyes. A pair of trendy shades can bring your look from a B to an A plus with just the blink of an eye. If, by chance, you live in an area of the country that doesn’t see sun unless it is bouncing off of the crisp white snow (or you’re stuck inside of classrooms all day), try a pair of fashionable reading glasses to enhance to your look.


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