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The French love wine, that’s no surprise. And not just the beverage, but the color as well!

This season, colors of Bordeaux, burgundy and deep reds can be seen just about everywhere in Paris – be it lipstick, leather jackets, shoes or handbags. An atypical springtime color, deep red hues are fashionable for variety of reasons. For starters, it complements just about every skin tone and is perfect for day or night. The color is sultry and eye-catching, without being too heavy or too in your face. It’s ideal for those who typically wear a lot of black, but want to start incorporating more color into their wardrobe now that spring has arrived.

While this Fashionista found her leather jacket at a thrift store here in Paris, that doesn’t mean you can’t sport the look as well. The leather jacket is obviously the main article of clothing in this assemble, but it still manages to work well with the cream top and black flats, pants and hat. This Fashionista keeps all accessories simple so as to draw attention to her trendy leather jacket. After passing her on the street, I found myself in H&M later purchasing this maxi dress in burgundy.

While I’m usually the type who only wears all black, what I particularly like about deep red hues is the ability to make the color a focal point of an outfit, or contrast them with something royal blue or emerald green. As stated previously, deep red hues are similar to neutral tones like black or white because it can be paired with a variety of colors. It’s steadily making its way into many clothing stores and wardrobes. While it may not be the first color you think of when spring arrives, it certainly shouldn’t be overlooked.


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