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While on a Whole Foods run, I came across this stylish Fashionista and instantly felt a connection with her. Why? Because of her red lipstick, that’s why.

My obsession with red lips started with my late fourth-grade history teacher, Mrs. Klemballa. She was fabulous. If it was your birthday you got a cherry-red kiss on the forehead and on Macy’s one day sales we had no homework. I’ve never been afraid to don red lipstick, and it was a staple throughout high school. Now that I’m all grown up (we hope) and in college, I’ve noticed that people who wear red lipstick have an unspoken code. Each time I come across someone wearing it, there’s automatically a mutual level of respect. I’ve heard “my skin’s too dark” or “I’m afraid to look too bold” a million times, but those are excuses. Red is the most universally flattering color, other than black. It can be worn by anyone of any age, at any height, at any socio-economic strata.

At a time where you’re at a crossroads between independence and childhood, red lipstick is essential. You can go to class in jeans and a T-shirt, but if you’re wearing red lipstick, you’re going to feel like a bombshell. Got an interview? Rock the bold lip and a smile and your confidence will radiate everywhere. If you choose a red lip with blue undertones, your pearly whites will look even pearlier in contrast.

Some suggestions for red lipstick virgins? My first was a drugstore find —L’Oreal’s British Red. A high-end alternative would be MAC’s Russian Red. For those paranoid about leaving stains all over their coffee mugs, fear not. Sephora sells this amazing lip stain by Obsessive Compulsive that is 100% vegan and cruelty free. When I say lip stain, I really mean lip stain. I applied it early in the morning before work on Friday and it lasted until Saturday night when I got back from a concert.

I’m obsessed with this Fashionista’s contrast of a white top tucked into black high-waisted shorts. It’s the simplest form of color-blocking, but it’s a classic way to show off the waist. I love that she pulled on opaque heart tights, an infinity scarf and a classic pea coat with gorgeous button detailing because they were the perfect add-ons for the weather that day. As you can see, there’s a bit of snow on her boots, proving the functionality of the combat boot. And don’t even get me started on the awesomeness that is her necklace .

The takeaway from our Fashionista’s look is that I now have an overwhelming urge to embellish all my plain black sweaters with cool buttons like these antique ones and these glitzy little buggers. As an extension, I also want to rip up, knot or embellish all my ironic tees and go to MassArt, some cool boutique on Newbury Street or (more likely) Etsy to stock up on awesome, edgy jewelry. I would also like to set up a booth outside Shillman Hall wherein I find the perfect red lipstick for everyone who comes by.

I think the best kind of inspiration is the kind that makes you want to act, and this Fashionista definitely inspired me to live a little more fabulously.


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