STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Put That Funky Sweater On, Boy

Style Advice of the Week

Just as I am wrapping up presents from my fantastic semester abroad, so too is the season wrapping up for the CollegeFashionista fall Style Gurus. We’ve seen trends both created and carried on over the last several months. I would like to end with a trend that has staying power every time the season comes around. We’re discussing the indispensable holiday classic: the Christmas sweater.

Once reserved for well-meaning yet misguided first grade teachers, the chunky patterened holiday sweater has made quite the stylish mark on the fashion world as of late. (See these high end versions debuting this season here!) I must say that after meeting this Fashionisto, I’m definitely encouraged to rock some funky and cozy versions myself!

This Fashionisto took the Prague streets by (snow)storm during my last week of the semester! His combination of pieces and patterns really stood out to me. Of course, he is wearing the topic of conversation: the holiday sweater. The festive, geometrical pattern combines maroon, warm yellow, blue, green and a variety of other hues that work surprisingly well together. He toned down the impact of the design by layering it with a wool blazer.

I found this to be a particularly good example of pattern mixing. The blazer has a very subtle gray and black zig-zag design. The colors are muted so as not to overpower the sweater. Both patterns also bear triangular similarities in shape. The two together create variety without looking like someone had a bit too much eggnog before getting dressed!

I also praise this Fashionisto for keeping it simple in the other aspects of his outfit. He is wearing khaki corduroys and brown shoes, neither of which compete with but rather complement the action up top. As a nice scholarly touch, he added a dark collared shirt under his sweater. It looks like someone’s ready to ace their exams!

Are you thinking of trying this sweater trend for yourself? Feel free to embrace the Christmas theme during the remaining weeks of the holiday season. Ladies, try this cute gingerbread sweater in a big size to stay cozy. Add style and balance by pairing the heaviness of the sweater with a wintery mini-skirt and tights.

December 25 has passed? No worries! Wear a sweater with a geometric pattern or even a phrase. Ladies, take a cue from this Fashionisto and top it with a wool blazer. I hope you’re all happily in the midst of a wonderful holiday season and hope you get everything on your wish list! Psst…if anyone’s thinking of a gift for me, I wouldn’t say no to this cozy crewneck!


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