STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Printed Leggings…Hot Hot Hot!

Style Advice of the Week

Snow flurries, snowplows…snow ball fights? Well, at least two of these things have defined the last few days here in Mount Pleasant. Our temperatures dropped with wind chills below zero! Sounds frigid and scary, right? Well, it was. But it doesn’t matter; as Michiganders, we Chippewas always find a way to turn things around. What better way to combat the cold than with a sizzling hot fashion trend: printed leggings.

This Fashionista took me to Kahului and back with her Hogwarts leggings from Hot Topic. Pairing them with black Converse All-Stars and a thrifted sweatshirt, she shows us how she wears one of the hottest fashion trends while staying true to her personal style. With this mantra in mind, I thought about how I would style the same pair of leggings. I would probably wear my jean vest or jacket with an orange long sleeve shirt. With that said, there are so many ways to style printed leggings. That is what makes them so HOT!

This week, try to turn up the heat by styling a pair of printed leggings your way. This Fashionista and I might take the casual route, but this pair of leggings can be styled by the girliest of girly girls with a little pink flare or dressed up with heels and a party top. They can even be dressed down with a comfortable oversized sweater and fuzzy slippers for that movie night you have planned (maybe Goblet of Fire would be appropriate?) And hey, because there are so many styles of printed leggings out there – from floral print to Aztec, to cartoon characters and scenery prints – your styling options will just continue to multiply.

Printed leggings are currently one of the most popular trends at Central. The number of ladies wearing them seems to increase each week, right along with the different styles and how they are styled. I encourage you to heat up your surroundings by giving this trend a go, even if you have to borrow a pair of leggings from a friend. Trust me, if they own printed leggings they will not mind sharing the heat with you. Remember: friends never let friends go without printed leggings.


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