STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Printed Denim Jeanius

Style Advice of the Week

Temperatures are slowly creeping up, which means our spring closets are going to start bursting open like newly bloomed flowers. It is important to remember though that the sun finally making an appearance means insanely bright colors and crazy prints. My dad has always told me that everything should be approached in moderation, and with spring fashion, we all should follow this simple philosophy.

This means that while still keeping some of our favorite darker colored items, we can start switching up other pieces with some that add a little fun and pizazz to our outfits. One way in doing so is by going for the simple patterned jean.

From animal print to floral to paisley, patterned jeans have been around for the past few seasons, and are always adding some well-needed attitude to otherwise pretty drab outfits. The casual denim fabric is perfect for any normal occasion but the added print makes them even more sophisticated and suitable for nicer events, such as brunches or even going to that fun new restaurant.

I was glad to catch this Fashionista before she ran for cover from another rainy day because her outfit is a perfect example of rocking this popular trend. She breaks up her otherwise black-on-black ensemble with a pair of green paisley jeans. While the loose black blouse is great with these jeans, one can always stick with the simple plain white tee or a similarly colored top as well. Whatever you end up choosing, printed jeans are a statement you can rock all season long.


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