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I don’t usually see this look on campus from many girls. The majority are in a bubbly colorful ensemble or T-shirt and Nike shorts. I really appreciated this Fashionista’s look because it was cool and trendy yet out of the norm.

Even though this Fashionista is in dark colors her smile is bright and her skin is glowing. When I spotted this Fashionista, I really admired her leather hoody jacket. I’ve seen both male and female celebrities in them. This piece is a perfect combo for those Fashionistas and Fashionistos who enjoy the comforts of a hoody but the trendy aspect of a leather jacket. I will definitely be scoping blogs and magazines for one of my own this upcoming winter. Her burgundy leggings kept the outfit relaxing. This Fashionista’s black gold embellished combat boots pull her rocker look together.

The best part about the Fashionista’s outfit is the fact that it can be manipulated in many different ways for those that are digging the look. I saw a lot of potential different looks when I spotted this Fashionista The jacket is a staple but if you wanted you could switch out the leggings for black harem pants or black sweats. The combat boots could be swapped out for a pair of sneakers to make a cool tomboy look. Add hoop earrings, dark lipstick (if you’re daring) and throw your hair in a high bun and you’ve got a sassy uptown girl from Queens look; a la “Jenny from the block”.

It’s simple to replicate this Fashionista’s fit. It’s about that time for those cooler months so whip out that leather jacket and combat boots if you’ve got them and rock out!


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