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Wow, look how put together this Fashionista looks! She is wearing an adorable electric blue peacoat that is super stylish and perfect for the extra cold winter months.  The peacoat was first seen as being worn by European navy sailors, and the term “peacoat” started to be used in the eighteenth century. The peacoat is an extremely classic look that is popular for both males and females. While men typically wear the peacoat in colors such as black or gray, women’s peacoats come in all sorts of colors such as red, green, brown and blue.

The great thing about peacoats is that, with different fabric thicknesses, peacoats can be worn all year round! They can also be worn with dresses, whether formal or informal, jeans, pants, skirts. Lately, women have been wearing peacoats with leggings and boots, just like our Fashionista!

This Fashionista is also wearing a trendy scarf, which is incredibly cute and great for keeping warm! I would definitely recommend a scarf in order to give the outfit an even more sophisticated look. Personally, I absolutely adore this infinity scarf from Urban Outfitters and think it would go really well with a peacoat. In addition to a scarf, I would suggest wearing this knit beanie hat from Guess to add a bit of spice to your outfit! Don’t forget that it is more than okay to take risks!


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