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Something that I love about fashion is that it’s something that can be timeless but always has new trends to incorporate. I can look for trends that were popular in different years and twist them to find a way to put the trend in my outfit today. I enjoy looking at old photographs of family members to see what they loved to wear. Although I can say I don’t think I will ever rock wide bell-bottom jeans there are many other trends to search for!

I find as I walk around campus and town one of the trends that never cease to disappear is the pattern of plaid. I can see people from ages of five to 65 all incorporating plaid into their style. This Fashionisto chose to rep his plaid in the classic form of a button-down paired with his button-down, he wears a cardigan, suede boots and a leather watch. He chooses to keep he outfit dressy casual.

Everyone can find a way to wear plaid. Plaid comes in all different styles from classy fine smaller print to a bold bright pattern. It also isn’t just limited to a shirt! Plaid can be seen in pants, accessories and even shoes. Another great quality about plaid is that it isn’t something that is limited to a season. Warm reds and greens of a flannel plaid shirt is great for winter and fall. On the other hand, a light fabric with pastel plaid it great for the spring. Changing the fabric of the plaid makes the trend a year-round wear; heavier fabric for the winter and lighter breathable fabric for the spring and summer.

This week try and find your own personal way to add some plaid into your outfits. Try and be creative—the possibilities are endless!


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