STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Practically Festive

Style Advice of the Week

Summer is here, and many of our days begin with the great debate, “What do you want do today?” In western New York, summertime is festival time! So it was only natural that my girls and I head out to fill our day with skilled artisan vendors, funnel cake and local musical talent. Très cultive!

A day at a festival can either be fun or miserable. It can be hard to prepare for the outdoor elements in a region like western New York due to its unpredictable weather. Many mornings the populus struggles with whether to wear a parka or flip flops. So a day spent completely outside? Forget about it. Or not! On one of my outings I ran into this breezy Fashionista. She effortlessly nailed the I-am-a-well-read-hipsteresque-flowerchild look many attempt at.

Comfy and chic, she had the perfect outfit for a day full of exploring by foot. The Fashionista wore flat gladiator sandals with interior cushioning, as well as a light cross-body satchel to carry the bare necessities. To prepare for the day without sacrificing style, she wore a flowy, layered maxi skirt played down by her Forever 21 denim bustier. This combination can be recreated with any top or summery shoe, the key is the maxi. There is a certain flirtatious sophistication about the maxi skirt. Try it with a patterned design and a solid top, or keep it formal for a hot summer night. Not only is it stylish, but practical as well.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “I know what you’re all thinking! Just when we thought maxi skirts were gone, eh? Well, take a second glance at these babies. Even in a time of high-waisted short shorts, the maxi still has its place. With the right top and shoes this versatile piece can give you a great summer look without looking too hippie-dippie. Maxi skirts are great for any sort of event or environment, and has a place in every Fashionista’s closet!”


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