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If you are a victim of the polar vortex, this article will make a whole lot of sense. If you are lucky enough to have no idea what this mass of a storm is, my hat goes off to you. During a polar vortex, everyone has one thing in common — the need to stay warm. It is the one time of the year where warmth overpowers fashion. Not so fast, Fashionistas/os. Fashion has a place everywhere even in winter storms. The most common solution for polar vortex weather is something we all know as the puffer coat. It is known to be one of the least flattering jackets in fashion. Fashinoistas/os have been taught to veer away from them. We tend to choose trenches, leather jackets and colorful fitted coats. The purpose of this article, surprisingly, is to prove all of the Fashionistas/os in the world wrong. There is a way to stay warm and fashionable through the power of a puffer.

Let’s face it, puffers are not flattering. They are designed that way. People sell puffers in the hopes they will be bought in -20-degree weather when a Fashionista/o is desperately cold walking the streets of New York by her lonesome self. However, it is the true Fashionista/o who will take the puffer and make it her own. This Fashionisto’s puffer works because of its color and shape.

Let’s start with color. No matter what coat you choose for winter, I suggest it be colorful. Colorful coats are a new trend this winter and I love it. Color does not always mean bright. This Fashonisto chooses a deep purple that slims his figure and draws attention to the outfit. For inspiration, check out Kylie Jenner’s pastel trench in Seventeen. Now let’s talk about fit. As I mentioned earlier, choosing a color can help you look slimmer. Some colors to try out are deep reds, purples and some pastels, such as light blue, beige and pink. Stay away from anything too bright. If you are just itching to add a bright element, do what this Fashionisto does and use it to accessorize.

Sometimes in fashion, the most underestimated pieces turn out to be the best. As Fashionistas/os, it is our job to dig through and make these items noticeable. Take risk and be different! That is what makes a true Fashionista/o.


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