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Paris is known for being one of the most lavish, luxurious and fashionable cities in the world. Storefront windows showcase the most jaw-dropping sequin dresses and intricate ensembles imaginable, and it’s not uncommon to see a Fashion Week model walking through the streets or riding the metro. But something Paris isn’t quite known for are the gold-mine of thrift shops throughout the city.

Before coming to Paris, I had only been to a thrift store during Halloween. The city where I come from in the states isn’t exactly known for its quality thrifting. Now, I frequent thrift stores at least once a week.

The idea of “thrifting” is perfectly exemplified by this Fashionisto. Apart from his hat and his shoes, everything he is wearing was purchased at a second-hand store.  When I asked him about his outfit, he proceeded to tell me where and how much everything cost him. Altogether, his threads were no more than 45 euros, or 60 USD.

Thrifting can pose a bit of a challenge if you don’t know what you’re looking for. And even if you do, where to find it is a whole other story. The best advice is just ask around. This Fashionisto purchased his pants and Ralph Lauren button-down at a thrift shop near his school, but then stumbled upon the jacket at a completely different store while out to lunch one day. His look is casual and cool, but doesn’t scream, “cheap” or “outdated.” If you’re going for a more hipster look, be careful of clothes that might air on the side of grundgy and dirty — unless that’s what you’re going for.

We all may be college students on a strict budget, but thankfully for us, an outfit from a thrift store can be just as chic as one from an overpriced boutique. Thrifting can provide you with a completely unique wardrobe, not too mention save you a few dollars in the process.


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