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We’ve seen the poncho style around for a while now. At their best, poncho wearers get to be comfortable all day and feel like they are wrapped in a blanket. On top of it, they get to call it fashionable. At their worst though, a poncho can engulf a Fashionista and make them look like they’re drowning in wool. When worn correctly, a poncho is a great alternative to a heavy down coat or a plain North Face jacket, which will blend your outfit in with the rest of the campus. This fall, stand out with a comfy poncho paired with cute fall accessories. This Fashionista showed us how to correctly wear a poncho while still being trendy in our fall attire.

Since ponchos are so overwhelming on top, the key is to wear more form-fitting bottoms. This Fashionista rocked white cable knit tights under a printed tweed skirt. The versatility of the patterns and fabrics makes the outfit overall more appealing. I personally love mixing brown and black, and her brown riding boots keep the outfit great for fall. Keep accessories to a minimum to avoid an overpowering look. For the winter months, a cute colorful knit hat would add a mix of color to the outfit while keeping you warm. Follow the Fashionista’s lead and keep your tights or leggings in white, since it will add a nice contrast. Between the brown boots and black poncho, the Fashionista keeps her color scheme neutral. As an added bonus, a poncho paired with narrow bottoms is very flattering and slimming since it is so bulky on top.


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