STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Plant Flowers, Not Bombs

Style Advice of the Week

We’ve heard a million times the phrase that boasts “real men wear pink.” Personally, I’d like to believe that this rule of thumb applies not only to pink, but to every other so-called “feminine” aspect of fashion. In this age and time where lines are constantly blurred and boundaries are crossed almost every day, are we really still classifying pink as a girl’s color and guys who dress well as metrosexuals? I think not!

This Fashionisto stood out from the crowd as he rocked a very casual look featuring a beautiful unbuttoned floral shirt paired with a basic crewneck T-shirt inside. If there’s one trend that only a true Fashionisto or Fashionista can pull off, it’s the “it took a lot of time to look this casual” look—a man’s equivalent to our “no-makeup makeup look.”

With the fashion boom creating a wave of style-conscious people everywhere, it can be hard to stand out in a crowd that gravitates towards bright fluorescent neons and metallics. Especially when most of these pieces can be blinding from a mile away! Hence, there is much respect and admiration for a person who maintains his or her own personal style without feeling the need to flock to the first fad that pops up.

This Fashionisto seems to master the key to working understated styles into his look by ticking the boxes in all the right places. Lazy beanie: check; funky glasses: check; open-laced derbies: check; cropped skinny pants: check; invitation to the best dressed list: check and check.

By focusing on understated statements throughout his outfit, he allows more space to explore different trends at the same time. Instead of looking to make all aspects of his outfit stand out, this Fashionisto understands that it has always been quality over quantity. To avoid overpowering your look with more than one statement piece, stick to working one and working it good.

On a side note, it is so refreshing when people don’t wear socks. Socks have never made a big appearance on the fashion horizon so now that people are finally starting to embrace the “no socks” trend, I really couldn’t be more ecstatic. The trend is extra stylish when it comes to cropped pants as it creates a classic preppy look with an edgy twist.

In the future, remember — metallic and pastel trends may come and go, but nothing looks better than being yourself and working your own personal style. Not everything has to be a statement! After all, the key is in the details.



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