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I think that fashion has this reputation for being a fussy thing that you have to work hard to obtain. To college students, this idea is highly unappealing. I mean, we’re all barely surviving as it is with classes, homework, jobs, extracurriculars and a social life. Adding one more thing to the list is not going to work, especially when fashion involves getting dressed, which takes place in the dreaded morning. However, I have found that fashion doesn’t have to be difficult, my friends. You just need a few cool pieces that will help you pull your look together in a matter of seconds.

This fabulous Fashionista, and former Style Guru, is the perfect example of how simple it can be to look super chic with ease. The day I snapped her photo, she was receiving compliments left and right about her ensemble to which she always replied, “It’s the coat!” At one point, she said she could wear pajamas under her coat and still look fashionable. And I couldn’t agree more. A great coat is a must-have in the winter. Hers is so cool because of its shape and leather sleeves. It truly would look good over any ensemble.

Also, can we discuss her bag? It is perfection! Skip the backpack and go for a structured handbag in leather and a classic color. It will work with every outfit and streamline your look instantly. I think it’s totally true that shoes make the ensemble, and this Fashionista’s leopard boots are proof. You could wear jeans and a T-shirt and still kick your look up a notch with cool ankle boots or oxfords.

With a couple of great accessories and a killer coat, you can roll out of bed and still look fabulous. Fashion doesn’t have to be fussy, tedious or time-consuming. Now you have no excuse not to rock the sidewalk everyday!


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