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I think we sometimes take for granted the true stylistic genius of Fashionistas and Fashionistos. One of their most impressive skills is communicating their personality through their clothing in a way that is both effortless and inspiring. This Fashionisto does just that, taking his quirky personality and twisting it into a fun and fashionable look. This look is perfect for spring days spent balancing your time between class and the quad. Take some tips from this Fashionisto, and don’t be afraid to express your inner personality on the outside.

This Fashionisto weaves his various pieces together through a consistent blue-gray color palette. He begins with a navy tribal print pocket T-shirt and simple gray chino pants. The tribal print adds modest detailing that makes the shirt pop against the palette. He layers a dark gray cardigan on top of the shirt creating a dimensional, urban look. He cuffs his pants to reveal fun, bright printed socks tucked into his tan oxford booties.

There are a few lessons to be learned from this look. First, sticking to one color palette does not have to be boring. It’s a great way to play with different patterns and accessories; if you stick with the same color scheme, patterns can be mixed and matched without overwhelming an outfit. Second, this Fashionisto proves how mastering the art of layering is a necessary skill regardless of the season. The cardigan really ties the look together and makes the outfit wildly versatile. Lastly, this Fashionisto reminds us to have fun with our clothes and not take style too seriously. So, as we settle into spring, make sure your outfits say something about who you are. Experiment, take risks and enjoy yourself. Fashion is fun, so take advantage of it!


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