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Welcome to December, the most magical yet snowiest time of the year. This is especially true of northeast Ohio. The brutal weather may leave many of you Fashionistas in question of how to stay stylish and keep warm at the same time. Well have no fear, because a peacoat may be your answer. I stumbled upon this Fashionista on campus recently as she looks adorable in her bright red coat. Her vibrant colors make her an eye-catcher as well as achieve a fun and cheery look. If you don’t already own one, you are going to want to find yourself a peacoat for this winter.

The peacoat is pretty much the cutest coat there is. It is a must for every Fashionista, no matter where you live. I love the buttons on the Fashionista’s coat and if you want one similar then the “Captain’s Peacoat” from Madewell may be the answer. Or maybe be bold and try green like this “Gentlefawn Brit Peacoat” from Swell. The one I fell in love with happens to be this one from J.Crew. The vintage pattern on it is unlike anything I’ve seen before. There are several options out there so you will just need to decide which you like best.

If you want to go colorful like the Fashionista, then American Apparel has everything you need. This is the go to place for everything basic and just about every color imaginable can be found. It’s truly great. The “Fisherman’s Pullover” will make for a great pick for under your peacoat and any colored leggings will be good as well. I love how the Fashionista pairs red and purple together. You too can create an unique color combination of your own.

Everyone is going to want some snow boots for the season. They’re not always the cutest of shoes, but I was amazed at how well this Fashionista was able to pull her snow boots off. They actually look pretty adorable with her outfit and you can find some similar ones  here. It is possible to make snow boots look stylish and this Fashionista proves it.

The temperatures are definitely dropping as December is officially here, but you can still look fashionable on campus for the weeks to come. A peacoat and some bright colors will certainly help along the way.


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