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Mismatching seems to be the repeated trend I constantly keep seeing. Mixing patterns, colors and even styles can really make fashion a whole lot more interesting and diverse. I am seeing Fashionistas and Fashionistos mix things up to create a look of their own. This Fashionista certainly does just that. She mixes things up by pairing different patterns together in order to stand out on the city streets. Her look is cool and trendy with just enough personal style to it.

I would have never thought to pair this Fashionista’s button-down with her floral shoes, but she pulls it off very well. It is a nice reminder that style is all about the risks. The “BDG Frankie Boyfriend Flannel Shirt” from Urban Outfitters is a great start if you want to try out a similar look to this Fashionista’s. It comes in three different patterns that will each manage to make your outfit stand out. And if you’re really into wanting to stand out then perhaps go for a button-down top with polka dots and tigers printed on it. Playing with patterns doesn’t get much more interesting than that. I also love this lace button-down shirt because of the detail on the back.  As you can see, there are many different options for a patterned top.

The Fashionista wears super cute floral sneakers with her outfit. You may want to check out a pair of high-tops or maybe even splurge for a luxurious pair of studded floral printed sneakers. The option is yours, but I must say studs are the coolest things ever for this fall. The Fashionista also wears a pair of leather jeans, which manages to balance out the whole look. I wouldn’t recommend too crazy or detailed of pants to go along with your mismatched patterns. Leather jeans are also super trendy these days so you may want to look into purchasing a pair yourself. The Fashionista certainly inspired me to do so.

I love how this Fashionista created such a fresh and unique look but with stylish and trendy pieces. Now it’s your turn to mix and match patterns for a cool new fall look!


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