STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Pattern Perfection

Style Advice of the Week

The idea of mixing patterns may make some people squirm, but one rule any Fashionista/o should learn is to never follow the rules. People are always told to match their accessories with their outfit, but what does a Fashionista/o do when they love their favorite patterned backpack or their favorite gold watch? Nothing, that’s what.

This Fashionista’s Aztec backpack is a ride-or-die piece for her. No matter where she goes or what the weather may be, her patterned backpack will always be in tote. She decided to wear her cardigan, which is also patterned, with the backpack. Although the idea of pattern on pattern might make you say “huh?” this Fashionista proves that it can be done successfully.

She makes sure to have a simple white shirt underneath, as to not divert the attention away from the cardigan, her statement piece. Not only that, she wears simple black leggings too. I mean, what sort of person wants to sit in a cold lecture hall with a short skirt on? Never underestimate the power of those air conditioners! Bring a jacket, sweater or even a blanket if need be.

This Fashionista is wearing her new pair of Nike sneakers to combat all the walking she has to do on campus, as well. She shows that Fashionistos aren’t the only ones who can pull of sneakers—Fashionistas can too!

When it comes to combining patterns, always have some simple pieces take part in the outfit. Even though you’re putting a pattern on top of a pattern, it is still important to keep the other pieces simple (example: basic T-shirt, simple pants, etc.). Have fun with your patterns, but don’t make people dizzy. This Fashionista is a great example of perfecting the pattern mixing without scaring people off.


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