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I remember when I first saw patterned pants and leggings popping up in stores throughout the mall like H&M, Cotton On and Urban Outfitters. My initial thoughts consisted of: I just got used to wearing colored jeans, this could be challenging, I can definitely make a statement wearing these, I have to try it! This Fashionista’s patterned pants are exactly what drew me to her.

Although patterned pants might be intimidating at first, with the right creativity and confidence, anyone can master this trendy look for spring. I believe that a trick to making this look easier is to elongate your legs. This can be done by wearing slightly heeled booties, just like this Fashionista did today. Heeled booties are perfect for now since it is still a little cold, but once it gets warmer try out sandals like these! One piece of advice for patterned pants when it comes to shoes is to avoid flats since this might make your legs look stumpy.

Today’s Fashionista shows off another trick for wearing patterned pants and that is to keep the top half simple! Slimming silhouettes and solid colors, especially pastels for spring, will always complement the bold pants. I like this Fashionista’s pick of a loosely fitting chiffon shirt and a statement necklace. Accessorizing an outfit like this may be tough, but as long as your shirt is basic, a necklace will complement the outfit perfectly.

What’s great about patterns is that there are such a wide variety of different prints. This spring expect to see many different patterns across campus in many differently styled pants and trousers. Floral prints will be everywhere this season so do not be afraid to take a risk in these! I also recommend these cute plaid trousers for a day of classes this spring!


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