STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Pattern and Print Pants

Style Advice of the Week

In recent years, 1980′s style has found its way back into mainstream fashion culture. Slowly but surely, it has reincorporated itself into society via magazines and storefront displays. In fact, the staple trends of the 1980s have been featured by an overwhelming abundance of designers on fashion week runways worldwide in the past few years. We have seen a lot of leg warmers, high socks, parachute pants and oversized shirts. The latest of these retro trends to make a come-back is that of printed and patterned leggings. Printed and patterned leggings have begun appearing everywhere! They allow for a sense of further expression. Patterned bottoms are an innovative, yet nostalgic method of spicing up your spring wardrobe.

This Fashionista ever so flawlessly flaunts a pair of black and white floral patterned leggings. She pairs them with a pair of black boots, an army green jacket and a vibrant red satchel. Bright red and army green is a great color combination. The vibrancy of the red plays off the muted neutrality of the army green well. That being said, choosing a black and white pant pattern was a wise decision. The tones of black and white highlight the color of the bag and the jacket. This creates an accentuated contrast and a lovely color scheme. Army green, red, black and white is one of my personal favorite color schemes.

Aside from the colors, the pattern of the leggings themselves is another key aspect. The floral pattern is ideal for welcoming the warm weather of spring! The floral gives a sense of cheeriness to the outfit. It does so while breaking up the clean, non-printed look of the shoes and jacket. The floral pattern of the leggings also makes up for their lack of color. The print attracting attention to the pants, balancing out the outfit while still emphasizing the pants as a focal point. Ultimately, the black and white floral patterned leggings give our Fashionista’s outfit just the right amount of character without overpowering. Moreover, they add quite a bit of character.

As shown in this Fashionista’s attire, printed and patterned leggings do a spectacular job of adding personality to a plain or basic outfit. They are great for self-expression and allow for more variety.

One of my personal favorite patterned leggings are cheetah and black and white tribal. Cheetah is spunky, especially when paired with a vintage band tee/tank, leather and spikes. Black and white tribal is always fun when it comes to bohemian style. It is great for matching with colors, geometric shapes and other patterns.

So as spring roles in and the layers shed, try swapping in your jeans for some patterned leggings. They are light, stretchy and comfortable. They are prime for activities and furthermore, prime for self-expression and a killer outfit.


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