STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Passion for Prints

Style Advice of the Week

Take a look into your closet. What is the one thing that you see the most of? Solid colored articles of clothing. What is the one thing you see the least of? Prints. For many people, having printed articles of clothing residing in their closets is just a myth. Who could actually pull off prints? Well, for you daring Fashionista/os out there, just about anyone could!

Wearing prints is all about finding that one color that complements you the most and drawing attention to it with accessories, etc. This week’s Fashionista did an excellent job figuring out which color worked best for her and pulled it from her outfit. She wore a purple, turquoise, white and maroon printed maxi dress with a pair of flat sandals. She kept the footwear casual as to not draw attention away from the dress. She then worked with the maroon color, accessorizing with a maroon cross-body satchel and a dark plum lipstick. Both of these choices complemented her skin tone, hair color and the printed dress.

Prints are a great tool if you use them wisely. Just find the print that best flatters you, simple as that. It’s a great go-to item to pull from your closet when you’re in a rush and not looking to accessorize in great detail. It’s about who’s rocking the print, not what you put over it.

So go out there and be daring with your dress code! Prints are a work of art, so go ahead and find your passion. I dare ya.


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