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Every once in a while we come across a patterned piece of clothing that screams out “We belong together!” Mine was a ’60s-inspired purple, paisley top, which just about made my month. These kinds of fashions occur outside of printed garments as well, but there’s something so awesome about finding a print that complements your personal style.

I was waiting between classes when I spotted this duo. Both Fashionistas had their own personal styles of very different kind of looks, but at the same time they looked so cohesive. All while I was enjoying their outfits another endearing observation stood out to me, these two were the best of friends.

The Fashionista on the left is rocking a very awesome pair of two-toned leggings. Leggings that are printed or have a unique look to them are the perfect go-to for the autumn days. They are comfortable and chic – the best of both worlds. On top, she has an awesome printed T-shirt. The print is almost surreal like it looks as if it could be trees and a sky but it is less detailed and almost tie dye looking. I also loved how the top had a silky look to it, it gave it a good drape on her as well as making the piece more appealing in general. The fabric of a garment can define its look. The Fashionista pairs her look with lace-up black booties and a woven infinity scarf. Infinity scarves, where do I even begin? They are the one of those rare gems in fashion where function and fabulous are hand in hand.

The Fashionista on the right has a very different style from her patterned counterpart on the left. The Fashionista on the right wears a skinny indigo jean rolled at the ankle above her black boots. This aspect of the Fashionista’s look is great for fall weather. The printed top she paired it with gives off a bohemian vibe. It is very laid back while also being very vivacious. There is something about this look that gives a feeling of being ready for anything while also being free-spirited.

I enjoy seeing friends that are so in tune have such different styles. It is a testament to how we can all be so unique but connected to each other all at once. Individuality is something to celebrate and relish in. It makes it even more fabulous when you have awesome partners in prints that have different styles that inspire each other and reflect the vast variety of individuality in this world.

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