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Coats are one out of a million reasons why I love fall and winter. Coats are essential pieces for harsh weathers whether it’s raining or snowing. They are comfy and made in different lengths, sizes, shapes, material and color. Honestly, you can just about find one that suits your style. Not too long ago in my fashion class, I learned that there were a variety of terms for different types of coats. Who would of thought that each coat was designed for various reasons, right? In my defense I thought an outer coat were utilized just for the cold, but I quickly learned that this wasn’t the case.

Trench coats are typically used for rain and made of waterproof heavy-duty cotton or leather. They are traditionally double-breasted with 10 buttons and have wide lapels. They are distinguished from other types of coats for their long length that surpass the knee. But in some cases the length can vary from above the knee to mid calf.  This Fashionista is wearing one type of trench coats that are above the knee. This coat is what I like to call “fit and flare.” The trench coat is summarized exactly what it is called nicknamed; its fitted and flares around the hips. The Fashionista’s coat is double-breasted with large plastic buttons and has a pleated front. On each side of the coat are bounded pockets. These coats are similar to peacoats but are both longer in length and have more of a flare style. Fit and flare coats can be worn for colder weathers and accessorized with either leggings or jeans. In the picture, she is wearing a leopard print top underneath her coat and paired with black leggings, brown riding boots and a red scarf. I just love that unlike most girls on campus, she wears a jacket that is very unique in its shape and yet looks stylish!

Peacoats are absolutely my favorite kind. Once worn by sailors, they are now utilized by millions of people. This outer coat is typically double-breasted with broad lapels, big buttons and slashed pockets on each side. Parka coats, known for their hoods, can either be puffy with down-filling or lined with fur. Unlike peacoats, parkas are a little harder to accessorize with outfits because of their casual style. It’s best to wear parka coats on the go if you’re running late to class or don’t feel up to getting dressed up. But would look great with edgier styles.  On the other hand, peacoats are great for more formal occasions and can be good for date nights!

Make sure to always bundle up in a coat to avoid getting sick and freezing to death. Coats are amazing for its versatility and warmth. Whether it’s a trench coat or a parka, staying warm on a cold day is the most essential thing. Find one that matches your body and style. If you haven’t found one yet, opt for a red coat in honor of the season and holiday spirit!


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