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Until today, the words “denim on denim” still automatically brings to mind haunting images of big hair, equally big scrunchies, high socks with trainers and about eight cans of hairspray strewn somewhere in the background— in other words, the ’80s as we know it.

With denim being the “It” material of that era, the ’80s explored as many ways as possible to wear it by experimenting with high waists, acid washes, mini skirts and even floral prints. The trend eventually fizzled out as the ’90s swept in, bringing in an array of different materials such as khakis and cargo pants.

However, in the recent years, several designers such as Balmain (who brought back double denim and shoulder pads in the same collection), Chloé and Ralph Lauren deemed the trend worthy to reignite on their runways. With this new take on an old look, several celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Alexa Chung emerged into the spotlight making the comeback more official than ever.

The versatility of modern denim is demonstrated by this Fashionista who works the denim on denim look with a cropped, short sleeved jacket paired with similarly toned jeans. Her look takes on a certain edge as she pairs it with a rock and roll themed T-shirt, and accessorizes with a pair of thunderbolt studs. At a quick glance, it almost looks as though this Fashionista may be the first ever to rock triple denim! However, a double-take reveals her footwear to be a pair of multi-toned canvas sneakers from Rubi.

As always, when it comes to fashion, rules are meant to be broken— which explains the multitudes of ways to carry off double denim. Instead of sticking to the typical denim button-up for a smart casual look, amp up your look by pairing a vest with a jean skirt for an edgier look (think Rihanna on a casual day out).

For those of you more feminine Fashionistas who aren’t going crazy at the thought of trading in your beautiful, flowy dresses for jeans— you don’t have to! As a matter of fact, maxi dresses and denim jackets make a stunning combination, and creates an almost romantic effect to your look. Also, it’s a great way to dress down those overly glitzy maxi dresses, and make them wearable for daily use. For you Fashionistos, don’t think that you’re forgotten! Men can carry off this trend just as well, if not better.

What are you waiting for? Get your jeans together, and go wild! I promise i’m not joking when I say denim on denim is officially back.


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