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If there is one term that is overused in the fashion world, it is “LBD,” or  “Little Black Dress.” However, this frequent terminology is used for good reason. This all-in-one outfit can be worn to almost every occasion or function that a college girl may attend—from an academic ceremony to a late night weekend excursion. This functional piece will never disappear from women’s wardrobes; it can be transformed from professional to flirty by adjusting a few layers and accessories.

While the transition of LBDs from occasion to occasion might be deemed a cliché topic, this Fashionista’s unique and refreshing use of the basic piece deserves recognition. This college student transformed her strapless black dress into a background that emphasizes the colorful palette of the rest of her outfit. Her fringed cardigan has vibrant prints that pop against the solid color of her dress, and her beaded necklace becomes the statement piece. Instead of wearing an eye-catching dress, she lets her accessories and sweater be the most noticeable and intricate aspects of her outfit. To get this effect, try combining a lively cardigan like this with a solid toned dress. To fit the chilly weather and the mountainous landscape of her campus, she wears simple black combat boots.

This Fashionista teaches us that you can easily survive a school year in style and simplify your wardrobe by sticking to basic main pieces. By simply by switching up accessories, you can reinvent that plain “nothing special” dress hanging at the back of your closet. By swapping your boots for heels and stuffing your sweater in your purse, you can easily bolt from English to a friend’s 21st birthday celebration. Less is more when it comes to pattern, and a solid dress like a LBD will put the focus on your funky, one-of-a-kind accessories.


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