STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Neutral Subtleness, Conspicuous Beauty

Style Advice of the Week

You can always tell that it’s springtime by the wide array of colors that you see in clothing. As the weather becomes warmer, fashion also becomes more radiant. Mint green seems to be a popular choice this season, as well as pastel orange, pink and lavender. All of these colors are so beautiful and vivid, but ironically I was drawn towards the Fashionista dressed in neutral colors. Perhaps it was her effortless, yet still conspicuous beauty.

This Fashionista is wearing an entirely thrifted outfit, which makes it even more fun and noteworthy. On top, she is wearing a thin black asymmetrical V-neck sweater that is slightly oversized, but still flattering. The V-neck creates a narrow shape down her neckline, which elongates her neck and shows it off without it being too revealing. The sweater flatters her shoulders as well, while the slits on the sides of her sweater outline her waist. The asymmetry creates more movement and adds an element of uniqueness. Since the sweater itself is a very simple piece, the asymmetrical hemline makes it different from any other basic sweater.

On bottom, this Fashionista wore a high-waisted nude-colored midi skirt. If you read my former post on midi skirts, I mentioned that they were cute alternatives to maxi skirts. Although midi skirts became popular in the late ’60s and ‘70s, the shorter hemline of midi skirts is reminiscent of women’s dresses in the ’50s, creating a more classic feminine look. In addition, you can show off your shoes in midi skirts.

Speaking of shoes, this Fashionista maintained the neutral theme of her outfit and wore beige suede ankle boots. Any type of shoes can go well with this outfit, as long as they do not rise above your ankles. You want to make sure that your shoes stay below the hemline of the midi skirt. Ankle boots are great, as well as flats, wedges and gladiator sandals.

Lastly, a highlight of this look was the minimal, but tasteful jewelry. The small watch and simple bracelet worn together created a rustic look that added even more flair to this outfit, proving that jewelry doesn’t always have to be excessive to add brilliance.

The only thing that is overwhelming about this outfit is its elegance. This Fashionista did a wonderful job showing that clothes can speak for themselves without using bright colors or patterns. Although there is nothing wrong with bright colors or patterns, simplicity can often be even more gleaming.


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