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Neon can be a very difficult trend to pull off. If you are not careful, it can appear juvenile or cheap. Here is some advice to help keep your neon looks in line. First off, only stick to one or two neon hues per outfit. Neon pink and neon green can look cool together, however throw neon orange into the mix and you will just look like a highlighter. The only circumstance where it is acceptable to rock multiple shades is if you are wearing a neon print and it is inevitable. That being said, sometimes a shot of neon is all you need. If you are wearing an otherwise neutral outfit, spice it up with one bright accessory, such as a belt or a pair of shoes. No matter how you choose to rock your neon piece, it will always be the star of the show, so be smart with your styling.

I found a Fashionista last weekend sporting the coolest, classiest outfit containing neon pink and orange. Let’s start with the blazer, clearly the focal point of her look. Its pink and gray tweed is reminiscent of  Chanel, but the hardware makes it extremely unique. Silver metal discs combined with braided neon shoelaces up the anti on this otherwise classic piece. The jacket is only the beginning of this fun look. My favorite aspect of the outfit is how the Fashionista manages to dress it down. She adds a graphic T-shirt with skulls on it and tucks it into a neon orange tie-dye skirt. These elements create a hip, youthful vibe. This Fashionista’s accessories are also complete perfection. They’re neutral, practical and do not compete with the rest of the look. Silver glitter high-tops and a gray leather bag make the Fashionista ready for a day of shopping on the streets.

This Fashionista combined many exciting elements in her look, several of them being neon. She juxtaposed dressy with casual styles, and a conservative jacket with youthful clothing; however, the coordinating colors really made it work. She stood out to me because of her smart use of neon and unique combination of standout pieces. If you dare to achieve this eclectic look, try pairing a tweed jacket with a printed bodycon skirt and a funky graphic tee. Don’t forget to add an extra pop of neon. Some chartreuse-laced converse will elevate your look to the next level.


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