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Many of us Northerners are at a crossroads with this weather. Will we ever get those summer temps or should we just prepare ourselves for the never-ceasing winds? This Fashionista trumps the weather dilemma with her versatile outfit. Not only is her outfit on trend, but the color palette is beautiful. It shows the perfect shades for transitioning between seasons.

The technology craze has wormed its way into the fashion world and has started to influence designers. Obscure silhouettes and crazy detailing didn’t happen by chance. It’s designers’ way of translating tech chaos into garments. So what happens when the market gets over saturated with this chaos? Fashionista/os go back to the basics. We see this in particular with this Fashionista’s simple color scheme.

This Fashionista looks comfortable and cool. Although you can do no wrong with a black maxi skirt, a tan/khaki colored maxi offers a fresh look. She decided to accessorize with a flower crown. I’m very opinionated when it comes to flower crowns, but what’s great about this one is how real it looks. Also, it’s subtle. This Fashionista knows she’s only running errands and not attending a music festival. Another thing this Fashionista did to make her outfit stand out was add a couple of bangles. Jewelry is always key when you’re wearing natural colors. By accessorizing, you never have to worry about repeating your outfit. Accessories can make your outfit look new.This Fashionista ties her look together with her purple lipstick.  We all remember the pink lipstick craze from last summer. Well ladies, here’s your replacement. It’s daring and feminine.

Don’t be afraid to wear natural tones. Yes, they can be boring or basic, but that’s only true if you style them in that way. Be creative. Make your natural style differ from others.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “I hate when people say they can’t pull something off. The key is to try things out. If it doesn’t work for you, that’s fine, but don’t sell yourself short otherwise.”


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