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There is something fascinating about the way our planet is home to so much raw beauty — nature is stunning in its ability to be both incredibly powerful and exquisitely delicate. A sort of magical quality exists in nature and this magic is endlessly inspiring to us as humans. I am not sure about you, but no matter how many times I see a mountain landscape or watch the sunrise over the ocean it never ceases to amaze. As we watch winter slowly (too slowly) melt away and prepare for the blooming of spring, we are witness to one of the most amazing transformations nature has to offer. It is in this spirit of nature and its ability to transform that I discuss my love for Earth tones.

As I mentioned previously, we are all inspired by nature. The weather can control our mood and our mood is often what drives our at times eccentric fashion choices. Even beyond the changing weather, there is something so delightfully organic about incorporating Earth tones into your wardrobe. This color scheme draws from nature with warm greens, browns, tans and burnt orange shades as well as cool grays and muted blues. Not only do these hues work together beautifully, they give off an air of comfort and relaxation. As much as I love bold blues and electric reds, sometimes it is nice to take a break and nothing is more refreshing than Earth tones. Dressing in calming tones and textures can look impeccable, while also giving you and your style some much-needed time to unwind.

I love the way this Fashionista built her look entirely out of this organic color palette without fading into the background. Her look is comfortable and effortless, but still fashion-forward with a great oversized jacket, distressed brown boots and a patterned infinity scarf to tie the look together. Color trends may come and go, but Earth tones will always be in style. One way to make sure this look doesn’t fall flat is to incorporate patterns and mix and match shades. Another way to create interest is by adding some fringe — I am always in favor of a great boho-chic moment. Next time you feel stressed, take a deep breath, put together an ensemble of earth tones, take a long walk and let nature continue to inspire you.


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