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I think in college, budget can be the hardest thing to balance. There are so many times I want to forgo the dining hall and grab a massive amount of Noodles & Company or a huge grilled cheese from Amer’s. On top of spending money on food, I struggle to feed my shopping addiction with the occasional retail therapy after an exam (never a good habit to have). I always tend to buy standout pieces that I can only use in a handful of ways. Then, I just spend more money on all the clothes that I must have to complete more outfits. It’s one vicious circle.

However, this Fashionisto reminded me of the versatility of colored denim for men and women. Investing in one pair of colored denim, like moss green, can be a huge money saver. Using jeans as a statement piece means only buying one statement jean for a multitude of tops that you already own. Moss jeans, as an example, can be a standout piece for any number of colors. This Fashionisto’s mossy color can go with black, cream, white and gray. In the end, statement jeans are a cheaper alternative to buying countless statement tops (and look just as great)!

This Fashionisto also wears a dark blue decorated button-down and flowered belt. Button-downs are one of the most classic looks for guys. For women’s fashion, I am always a fan of a button-down. Button-downs are great because you can always add your own personal style to any simple button-down ensemble with bold accessories. In addition, the flowered belt creates a mixture of patterns in his outfit. I really like this trend; I tend to mix skirt patterns with top patterns.

If you want to adopt this Fashionisto’s look, I suggest going out and buying a pair of colored denim! If you aren’t so sure about the bold moss, choose a denim that doesn’t stand out as much. Navy pants can be a versatile denim color without being too much of a stretch from regular jeans. I also suggest this burnout green jean from Urban Outfitters for a  more denim feel!

I hope you have fun exploring colored denim!


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