Style Advice of the Week

This Fashionista’s style really stood out to me in the best way possible. Her ensemble was a monochrome mix of black and white with a pop of red, and her approach to the monochrome style is what stood out to me. Instead of just wearing solid black pants and a solid white shirt, this Fashionista chose to mix it up a bit. The top half of her outfit consists of a white blouse with a black tiger print all over it. The bottom part of her outfit includes black leather leggings which adds an edge to the outfit. She also wears a black cape coat with leather sleeves and black rain booties.

One of my favorite parts of her outfit is the white and gold chunky beaded necklace in a bib type of style. Up close, the necklace is beautifully designed and goes great with the outfit as well as the red quilted cross-body bag she chose to wear. These two accessories bring a pop to the outfit.

When thinking about wearing a monochrome outfit, try to wear prints in the same shade of color you are going for. Monochrome doesn’t mean just black and white, it can be any color in a variety of shades, such as light blue and dark blue. If you try to opt for prints or graphics in the shade of color you’re going for like this Fashionista, you could wear a light yellow blouse with a fun print and deeper yellow pants to give it the monochrome effect. You could also try to wear the darker shade as the your top and the lighter shade as the bottom of the outfit. Either way, have fun with it. Monochrome combinations have a lot of variety that you can mix with.


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