STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Monochromatic Spring

Style Advice of the Week

Monochromatic images have always been described as black and white, when in actuality they are made up of many shades containing a single color tone. Wearing a monochromatic ensemble will make your outfit blend seamlessly together whether you are working along a traditional grayscale or multiple shades of a color. There are many ways to wear a monochromatic outfit, from having many pieces of the exact same color with a few darker and lighter shades to accessorize with, to color blocking shades that still have a strong contrast, like black and white. To have a true monochromatic outfit from head-to-toe, your accessories should follow the same color scale.

This Fashionista is working the monochromatic trend in a simple grayscale, while still incorporating other spring trends, as well. Her skirt has a bold floral print that shouts spring while staying in the same color tone. The black waistband of the skirt works in contrast to her white tank top to separate the pieces of her outfit and make her monochromatic outfit seem effortless. She’s also wearing a charcoal cardigan in favor of a black or white one, incorporating another piece in a shade of gray seen in the flowers on her skirt. To accessorize, she decided on black tights and shoes, a black bag, and an ivory pearl necklace. Keeping her accessorizes to a tasteful black and white allows the mix of gray shades in her clothing to stand out and be as impact as a bright color. I love that her hair color is a bright auburn and added a strong contrast to her monochrome look.

To recreate your own monochromatic look, choose whether you want to work with color of stay within a neutral grayscale. If working in grayscale, it’s important to incorporate more shades than you would need if working with a bold color. For a look that says spring 2014, opt for a top and pants in a single, bold color of the same tone. Pair it with shoes in a light, softer shade of the color and a statement necklace in a darker shade.

The monochromatic trend allows you to make a statement without having to think too hard about what pieces go together. It’s an easy way to look polished and cool all at once. A tip for making the trend even easier? Color coordinate your clothes and jewelry so when you are in a rush you can quickly grab pieces that will make the perfect monochromatic ensemble!


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