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Lately it seems like the sun does not want to shine on Monday mornings, giving everyone what seems like a case of the Monday blues. After a weekend filled with events and gatherings, sometimes you may feel like you need an extra day in your weekend. This can be avoided by getting out of bed and getting into clothes other then ones that are comparable to your pajamas—or worse, wearing your pajamas. Mondays may be everyone’s dreadful day of the week but this doesn’t mean it has to be your worst outfit of the week as well.

I spotted the Fashionista by her vibrant aqua blue jacket that was in unison with her Vera Bradley backpack. For feeling the Monday blues, this Fashionista hid it well with her cream sweater complemented by a large black bow accent in the corner, finished with a classic pair of black ballet flats. When the weather is chilly in the morning but predicted to be warm with no sign of the sun in the sky, having a light weight jacket on hand is a Fashionista must.

Wearing skinny denim jeans like this Fashionista did, instead of leggings or yoga pants, is an easy way to look dressed and ready for the day when all you really want to do is jump back in bed. If you just take the few extra minutes to put on your most comfy pair of denim and flats versus UGGs or running shoes, you can take on the day when that is truly the farthest thing from your mind. Making sure to have a classic pair of flats you can mix and match with any outfit is the easiest way to fight your weekly diagnoses of the Monday blues.


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