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Well-dressed men, or as I like to call them, dapper-looking dudes, never cease to catch my attention. It seems like they are so rare on Purdue’s campus. That’s why I decided to stop this Fashionisto when I saw him looking sharp as ever coming back from class.

Some believe that there aren’t that many options when it comes to menswear when, in fact, the opposite is true. This Fashionisto proves it with a variety of colors, patterns and textures that work together to make a cohesive ensemble. The focal point of his outfit is his tweed blazer (similar one here) worn over a plaid shirt. Instead of clashing, the two prints actually balance each other out and make for a unique look. He makes things interesting by adding another texture to his outfit in the form of fitted corduroys in a deep green. Keeping things casual, he opts for a pair of burlap TOMS for comfort.

I think guys need to start taking more risks in the style department to help make themselves stand out and look less out of place in business attire. Mixing different textures and colors can make your typical blazer and slacks more exciting. Try a pair of corduroys next time and throw in a print or two on your blazer or shirt. If stiff dress shoes aren’t your thing, trade them in for something more comfortable. The possibilities are endless, and there’s too many options for guys to continue walking around in a boring blazer and slacks.


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