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As fall starts to creep upon Florida, it finally becomes time for us to layer like the rest of the country. In the Sunshine State, layering usually consists of throwing an oversize tank on top of your swimsuit, so for many of us, learning how to layer with long sleeves can be an adjustment. Mixing prints can also be a challenge that even some of the most confident Fashionistas/os try to avoid, but there is no reason to be scared; layering with different prints can be a way to stretch your wardrobe by discovering new outfits.

This Fashionisto mixed a green flannel shirt with a knit argyle zip-up sweater. The result is a casual look that is neither over-thought or disconnected. When mixing prints, it is usually best to wear two that aren’t overpowering or fighting for attention. If you are still unsure about where to begin here are a few suggestions of pieces to layer this season.

This plaid Hurley flannel with a jean jacket from Guess is a great choice. The lighter jean jacket makes the flannel pop and can even be paired with a scarf for cooler days. Looking for a small step into print mixing? Try out this denim button-down with this patterned cardigan. Be sure to keep it simple on the bottom. Wearing jeans like this Fashionisto is a great choice. Also try black pants, khakis or if you’re feeling adventurous, pair with colored denim. Just be sure the colored denim complements both prints, or else you could end up looking unmatched and messy.

Don’t over-think mixing prints; after all, fashion is all about having fun with what you wear. My challenge to you this week is to go through your closet and pair prints you wouldn’t normally wear together. I bet you’ll be surprised at how many of new outfits you already have just waiting to be rocked this fall!


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