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Here in Wisconsin it’s been hard to notice anything but snow and ice this January. With the temperature finally warming to just above freezing temperatures, the snow is finally melting. There is no longer a need for the big, bulky winter coats that cover everything but your feet. Now, some of you Fashionistas out there may be wondering, without all the bulk, what do you wear to still stay warm?

Who says you have to wear a mini skirt in below zero weather to look trendy? There’s no reason to freeze for fashion this winter season. Take this Fashionista for example, who gets it perfect with bold layers that not only make her feel cozy, but inspire warmth in their appearance. Her leopard print cardigan evokes a jungle habitat that juxtaposes the snow, immediately drawing me to her outfit. The red infinity scarf does the same, giving off heat and passion with the color and providing the excellent practicality of protecting your neck from the cold. The two paired together create richness in texture and color, which is perfect for winter.

Since this Fashionista opted for a bold print and color, the all black underneath works as a beautiful canvas for the louder pieces. Wearing all black not only can help disguise other warming pieces like long underwear, but also looks artistic and chic, as well as figure flattering. She uses a thick black long-sleeve top and the Holy Grail: fleece-lined leggings. Her white flower earrings add a fun surprise to the ensemble, bringing in some of the exoticness of the leopard print, while making the print more sophisticated. The tiny crystals on the earrings and her headband add just enough sparkle without being too much.

Although her earrings have silver metal, she decided to mix in a bag with gold metal finishes. Mixing metals is by far my favorite trend, one I encourage everyone to try. If mixing gold, rose, and silver together seems a bit chaotic to you, look to this Fashionista for inspiration, who used tiny elements in her accessories to follow the trend. She also put together the leather texture of her bag with gray suede boots, demonstrating how different materials can add dimension to the outfit as well.

The gray finishing touch of the boots was an added example of how different neutrals work together to complete an outfit. Leopard print is such a staple print it is actually considered a neutral, which next to the black bag and gray boots makes for an interesting but complimentary color palette. There’s no doubt this Fashionista knows just what she’s doing when it comes to mixing various key pieces.

While you are warming up, try mixing and matching different elements in your wardrobe, whether it’s neutrals, metals, textures and bold pieces like this Fashionista, or a combination of masculine and feminine. Whatever you are working with, experiment! Your creation just might help the snow melt a little faster.


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